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Photo: wikimedia | Norwegian brunost

British–Australian pop-rock guitarist, vocalist, pianist, and composer Paul colman tastes Norwegian brown cheese Brunost and shares his experience.

Brunost or mysost is a caramelised brown whey cheese. The main Norwegian names mean brown cheese. Another variant, made using goat milk, is referred to and sold as geitost (Norwegian for “goat cheese”) or sometimes elsewhere as gjetost. Geitost is made from a mixture of goat’s and cow’s milk, and ekte geitost (real geitost) is made with goat’s milk only.
Brunost is made by boiling a mixture of milk, cream, and whey carefully for several hours so that the water evaporates. The heat turns the milk sugar into caramel, which gives the cheese its characteristic brown colour and sweet taste.

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Photo: Jon-Eric Melsæter

If you have been to Norway or got chance to hang out with a Norwegian patriot, you may understand what brown cheese (Geitost) means for people in Norway. It may not be the most delicious cheese for non-Norwegians with its unique taste but if you know how to serve it, you may change your mind. Here are some examples:



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