Google Search Log Gave Away The Mysterious Widow in Norway

Google Search Log Gave Away The Mysterious Widow in Norway

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Photo: D. Wiberg

The 31-year-old widow of Norwegian Helge Ove Irgens googled her way to murdering her husband.

One late November in 2014, a driving school teacher in Norway, Helge Ove Irgens was found dead in his house in Bergen. The google search log of his wife’s computer gave away the murderer’s identity. According to Norwegian daily VG, Irgen’s Filipino wife searched for ways to poison someone.
She made numerous online searches weeks before the murder. Amongst them were “10 poisons used to kill people” and “Thirteen ways to poison someone”, reports VG.
The last search she did was: “If you kill someone, don’t google how to do it first”.
The newspaper also wrote that she searched the way to poison someone without getting caught and best poison to use to kill someone and not get caught.
After the intensive google search, she placed a disposable grill in the bedroom. The husband fell asleep while the poisionous fumes from the grill filled the room.
By investigating the woman’s computer, police found nearly 250 online searches on how to kill a person.
For the police, the woman’s massive search log is a clear indicator that the wife, over a long period of time, has planned to kill her husband.

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