Colors of Norway

Colors of Norway

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Photo: Zdenek Svoboda | Horses on Norwegian mountains.

Here are six amazing photos showing vivid colors from Norway.

Photo: Les Haines | Chocolate Shop Geiranger Norway Outside a chocolate shop in Geiranger in Norway, the bike is actually that colour, hasnt been enhanced. I always like pictures that show hidden reflections too and so you can see the shoppers and some reflections in the window.
Photo: Zhen Whisk | Autumn colors in Eastern Norway
Photo: Randi Hausken | From Feda, Southern Norway
Photo: Marcel Van den Berge | Classic Norwegian wood houses in Lofoten
Photo: Anne Worner | Norwegian flag in white, red, blue.
Photo: Morten Mitchell Larød |And, the grey colors of Norway and its city life: Woman – book, man – mobile phone, girl – kindle.

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