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Photo : Diana Robinson | Sweet Face of a Norwegian Reindeer

Mysteryous Norwegian Language Quiz

This is a quiz for discovering the level of your Norwegian language! A few words and expressions can be helpful in Oslo even if everyone speaks English here!
Norwegian can be difficult to understand, but a few words and expressions can help you charming your way in Oslo even if every Norwegian speaks fluent English! Try this quiz!
Created by: VisitOSLO

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A user named Eivind posted one of the funniest free given away ad (gisbort) on the popular classified site, www.finn.no. He announced to give away half of his chocolate milk drink (Cocio).  In the description of the product, seller wrote these lines:

Giving away a gently used Cocio bottle of chocolate milk. The bottle is half full, if necessary. half empty, depending on how you see it. If you do not care that it tastes terrible, it will fit nicely for you.

Expires in 3-4 days, so should be collected as soon as possible.

Can be exchanged for chocolate milk from Q.
Condition: Used




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A Norwegian is a person of few words, and as a result, polite words such as ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ are either not so frequent or non-existent in the Norwegian language. ‘Sorry’ or ‘excuse me’ are also less frequently heard and Norwegians can be considered as rude, blunt or impolite.

As illustrated in the list above on social media.


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Norway is a fascinating place but at the same time a bit fantastic. Here are the proofs:

Post by Meanwhile in Norway.

Post by Meanwhile in Norway.

Post by Meanwhile in Norway.

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1. A Northern Norwegian Making a Hole for His head on an Ice Covered Lake

A Northern Norwegian may have a lot of free time in winter and can have weird hobbies after purchasing a lot of Russian Vodka. This is the proof: A man, among all other weird tricks on ice covered lake, dives his head into ice cold water after making a large hole.
drunk norwegian on Make A Gif

2. This Young Man Fantasizing Himself  as Sharapova

My mom always tells me to keep away from excessive use of computer. I understand her why he warns me. I suspect this guy found himsef in front of his webcam posing in a mini Tennis skirt after overuse of computer .
6RF5_p on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

3. Two Brave Norwegians Proving This Country is Peculiar

It is a probability to see someone in diving custome under a burning sun in any part of the world, but you can find only in Norway two of them chasing a Google street view car with a zeppelin?



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