Expats can tell you a lot more about a country than the natives most of the time. Here is ten agreeable facts you will face when you start living in Norway. The list prepared by Paul Kucewicz can be read in detail from Matador Network

1. You’ll have to learn how to ski the second you walk off the plane.
2. You’ll start wearing one of those Norwegian sweaters.
3. You’ll cherish the sun.
4. You’ll learn to pay WAY too much for everything.
5. You’ll somehow learn to like fish soup.
6. You’ll have to drink cocoa, and eat kvikklunsj when it’s cold out.
7. Pre-drinks will become VERY important before heading out.
8. You’ll become fascinated by Norway’s crazy rite of passage for high school graduates.
9. You’ll learn the exact times when alcohol can be purchased.
10. You’ll give up on ever learning Norwegian.

Photo: Lemsipmatt

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